This River Awakens (2012)

This River Awakens (2012)

Bantam Press (UK)

In the spring of 1971, Owen Brand and his family move to the riverside town of Middlecross in a renewed attempt to escape poverty. For twelve-year-old Owen, it’s the opportunity for a new life and an end to his family’s isolation and he quickly falls in with a gang of three local boys and forms a strong bond with Jennifer, the rebellious daughter of a violent, alcoholic father. As summer brings release from school, two figures preside over the boys’ activities: Walter Gribbs, a benign old watchman at the yacht club, and Hogdson Fisk, a vindictive farmer tormented by his past. Then the boys stumble on a body washed up on the riverbank—a discovery whose reverberations will result, as the year comes full circle, in a cataclysm that envelops them all…

Re-published in a revised hardback edition for the first time, Steven Erikson first novel, This River Awakens (1998), is a lyrical, tender and disturbing portrayal of a rite of passage that is both harsh and revelatory.

Bantam Press (UK)  •  London (2012)  •  hard cover  •  ISBN: 978-0-593067-77-0

Bantam Press (UK)  •  London (2012)  •  trade paper  •  ISBN: 978-0-593067-78-9