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With rumours again floating around about an imminent return to Winnipeg of an NHL team, I am happy to offer for free the novel ‘When She’s Gone,’ which I wrote a few years ago. This novel centres on the loss of the original team, the Winnipeg Jets, and its effect on the city and its hockey fans.

When She's Gone (2004)

Great Plains Publications (Canada)

The book was written at the time preceding the NHL strike, during a period in which professional hockey was in the doldrums of trap-style, clutch-and-grab play, and much of the character-based commentary relates to that. Happily, rule changes had obviated some of that style (only to replace it with other unpleasantries, which I need not get into here).

Released during the strike, the novel is now out of print, having made little impact. These things happen and despite that, I’m still rather proud of it.

One last word of warning: this is an adult novel. There are some graphic sex scenes that no-one under eighteen should read. I have no wish to be castigated for corrupting young minds, etc.

I’ll leave that to lying politicians and cheating players…

Steven Erikson

Mark is a young Winnipeg goalie whose life unfolds between hockey periods. He idolizes his older brother Jack, a tattooed Adonis with perfection in his blood, and together they idolize the Winnipeg Jets. After the team abandons Winnipeg, the disillusioned brothers leave Canada More…for England so that Mark can try out for the minor-league Cardiff Devils.

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