Looking for a signed copy of a Steven Erikson novel?

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Munro’s Books, a Victoria BC based independent bookstore, so that fans from around the world can order personally signed Steven Erikson books.

When ordering, be sure to clearly state which book you want and to whom you want it signed.

You will need to provide your mailing/billing address and credit card number (please do NOT email credit card information—instead call in your payment or choose Munro’s web check out.)

Order your book by

-Email service@munrobooks.com

-Telephone:  1-888-243-2464

-Or through Munro’s website.

A note about postage: you will be charged a flat rate for shipping within Canada and whatever Canada Post charges for anywhere else in the world, including the US. (Details here: https://munrobooks.com/?q=p.ordering_faq)

Don’t forget that you can order other books at the same time too. You’ll be helping an independent bookstore thrive!

Learn more about Munro’s books here.

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